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Iredell County was founded in 1788 for a portion of Rowan County and covers an area of 597 square miles of which 21 square miles are water. The county seat is Statesville. Iredell County was named for James Iredell who was an advocate for ratification of the United States Constitution. James was appointed an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1790 by George Washington.

Iredell County is no stranger to the NASCAR circuit as it is a major hub of NASCAR racing. Many of the NASCAR drivers live in and around Iredell County, several racing shops are housed in the county and the NASCAR Technical Institute is located in the county.

Most of Iredell County is considered to be a rural area, but the southern portion of the county has and is experiencing rapid suburbanization and a growth population, which is largely due to the popularity of near by Lake Norman and overflow from Charlotte.

The highest point in Iredell County is 1,760 feet above sea level, which is located in the Brushy Mountains, specifically called Fox Mountain. The remaining portions of Iredell County are considered to be rolling countryside, due to the fact of the low hills and small river valleys. Lake Norman in Iredell County is North Carolina’s largest manmade lake, known to the locals as North Carolina’s inland sea.

Iredell County is home to one of the longest counties in the state, which stretches for nearly fifty miles. Due to the dense population of the northern portion of the county, it is one of the few places in North Carolina where the speed limit on the Interstate Highways exceeds 65 mph.

Iredell County is made up of five and a bit towns or cities which include Harmony, Love Valley, Mooresville, Statesville, and Troutman. The bit comes in as a portion of Davidson is located in Iredell County.

Union Grove in Iredell County is a very scenic spot, which has a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge, Brushy Mountains and the pinnacle of Pilot Mountain, which is some 60 miles away. Because Union Grove was so popular with the Native Americans before the settlers you can find many Indian artifacts in the area especially near the Jennings Mill, which is better known as Indian Hill.



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