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Greene County was founded in 1791 from the northern portion of Dobbs County and covers an area of 266 sqaure miles. The county seat is Snow Hill, which is the largest town in the county and is the major commercial center in the county as well.

Greene County was originally a portion of a land grant by King Charles ll of England back in 1663 and was settled by immigrants from Maryland, Virginia and other portions of North Carolina. Before the settlement of the immigrants, the land was inhabited by the Tuscarora Indians, who fought very hard to keep it, but on March 20th to the 23rd 1713 the Indians were defeated. This was the last battle of the Tuscarora War, which ended at Fort Neoheroka and is currently known as Snow Hill.

Greene County was originally named Glasgow County and named for James Glasglow who was North Carolina Secretary of State from 1777 until 1798. Because of his dealings with fraudulent land grants, he was forced to resign his post and leave the state in 1799, which then, the county was renamed Greene County in honor of Nathanael Greene who was General George Washington’s right-hand man.



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