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Founded in 1779 from the southern portion of Bute County is Franklin County. Franklin County covers and area of 495 square miles and Louisburg is the county seat.

Franklin County received its name from one of America’s well-known founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. The residents of Franklin County are a proud and patriotic people, therefore have their own county song which is to be sung at most all public occasions. The words to the song (Franklin County Song) were written by Fred U. Wolfe, who was an agriculture teacher at Gold Sand. The song tune is that of O Christmas Tree.

The county of Franklin also has a very strict motto, “We Defend Laws and Justice”. There are 5 cities or towns located in Franklin County, which are Bunn, Centerville, Franklinton, Louisburg and Youngsville.

County Song words written by Fred U. Wolfe

With loyalty we sing thy praise,
Glory to thy honored name!
Our voices loud in tribute raise,
Making truth thy pow’r proclaim.
Thy past is marked with vict’ry bold;
Thy deeds today can ne’er be told,
And heroes brave shall e’er uphold
Franklin’s name forevermore.

We love thy rich and fruitful soil,
Wood, and stream, and thriving town.
We love the gift of daily toil,
Making men of true renown.
Thy church and school shall ever stand
To drive the darkness from our land—
A true and loyal, valiant band,
Sons of Franklin evermore.

A shrine of promise, pow’r and truth,
Lasting righteousness and peace,
A land of hope for toiling youth,
Yielding songs that never cease.
Let ev’ry son and daughter stay
The hand of vice that brings decay.
When duty’s voice we shall obey,
Franklin’s name shall live for aye.


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