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In 1842 a portion of Lincoln County was formed into Catawba County. Catawba County got its name from the Catawba tribe of Native Americans, who were once the inhabitants of the area. Catawba County covers an area of 414 square miles. Newton became the county seat. Catawba County was once the largest producing areas of the gold mining industry and maintained this luxury until 1848 when the gold rush importance became overshadowed by the gold rush in California.

In the 1940’s the people of Catawba County became nationally recognized for their work in conquering a polio epidemic, as it was in 55 working hours that they all joined together and worked to turn a youth camp into a hospital to contain the spread of the disease.

One of the oldest annual military events to date is still held in Catawba County. They honor their military personnel, both past and present by holding an annual celebration, held in the third week of August. This began after the Civil War and has become today the oldest continuing patriotic celebration in the United States.

Catawba County is a proud county, as they have a long history of spirited people, they have built a thriving economic community and this unique spirit is shown through the artisans in their furniture, music, quilting, pottery and much more. Some of the most beautiful pieces in the world come from Catawba County, NC.



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