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Cabarrus County is located in the south-central portion of North Carolina and covers an area of 365 square miles. Founded on December 29th 1792 from a portion of Mecklenburg County, Cabarrus County got its name from Stephen Cabarrus who was the speaker of the North Carolina House of Commons. The county seat is Concord, which was incorporated in 1803. Cabarrus County is largely known for the National Historical Landmark, the Reed Gold Mine.

Gold was discovered in Cabarrus County in 1799, which was the first discovery of gold in the United States, by Conrad Reed who was the son of John Reed, one of the thousands of Hessian soldiers who were brought over by the British to fight against the rebellious colonists in the American Revolution. Conrad Reed discovered a large gold nugget on the farm property owned by John Reed and this in effect began the North Carolina gold rush. There was so much gold discovered on the farm property and in Cabarrus County that the Charlotte Mint was built especially to handle it. Gold was still being mined into the early part of the 20th century. Even today visitors to the Reed Gold Mine can explore some of the mine’s reconstructed tunnels.

Cabarrus County has the largest tourist attraction in North Carolina, and that is the Concord Mills Mall. NASCAR plays a vital role in Cabarrus County. Three events are hosted each year in the western part of the county. There are several major racing shops located in the county. On July 18th 2008 a state of the art and first of its kind wind tunnel called Windshear opened, which offers NASCAR, Formula One racing teams and automobile manufactures many services.

Agriculture and textiles have played an essential role in the local economy, especially in the northern portion of Cabarrus County for over 200 years, but today there is more of a varied base economy.



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