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Avery County was founded in 1911 with the County Seat of Newland, which is 3,606 feet above seal level, making it the highest county seat in the Eastern United States. Avery County covers 247 sq. miles with no known bodies of water. The county was named for Colonel Waightsill Avery in the American Revolutionary War who was the first Attorney General of North Carolina from 1777-1779, and this was the last county to be created in North Carolina. Avery County is known for producing the largest amount of  Fraser Fir Christmas trees every year.

The residents of Avery County are known to be a very close-knit family and go to great lengths to show their patriotism to the local area and the United States. The love of the American Flag is always a prominent forefront to the people of Avery County. Some can trace their roots back to the early pioneers, but most all will be able to trace them to the four points of the compass. Avery County residents are a very proud people and can appreciate what hardships the early settlers and our forefathers had to endure in order to survive.

The terrain of Avery County is located within the Appalachian Mountain range, with the highest point being 6,165 feet above sea level, known as Grassy Ridge Bald. Most of Grandfather Mountain is located in Avery County. Beech Mountain has an elevation of 5, 506 feet above sea level which makes it the highest incorporated community East of the Mississippi River.

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