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When you are born and raised in the beautiful state of North Carolina, you learn to be the best person you can be. You are a daughter or a son of the South, which is rich with Southern Hospitality. In North Carolina, you learn how to be tolerant of others, to accept others for who and what they are without passing judgment. You have the best of several worlds. In North Carolina, you can live in the metropolitan city; yet enjoy the wonderful non-inhabited beaches, or the very popular beaches. As a resident of NC, you have the pleasure of the majestic mountains or the simple peace and quiet of the countryside, yet able to be back in your own bed at night should you wish to simply spend a day at the mountains, beach or the country.

The people of North Carolina are some of the friendliest you will ever find. Most of the time, we never meet a stranger. When we are driving, you will notice a lot of the time the driver will give that “steering wheel salute”, which we will throw up our hand to say hello to even the strangest of strangers. North Carolina is abundant with history. There are many places to see and much to do when you are a resident or if you are a tourist. To me, the writer, there is no place better that I would like to call home. The people of North Carolina are tolerant of many things that other states are not, they are proud and happy people that welcome any stranger with open arms and make you feel as if you too were born and raised in North Carolina.
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