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The original design of the state flag was presented to a seven-member committee on May 20, 1861, the resolution was adopted by the committee that a state flag was to be designed to represent the state. This original design was not, however, the final motion passed by the committee. The committee consulted with a Raleigh artist, William Jarl Browne to get his advice and interpretations for what would best represent the people of the state of North Carolina. The committee had presented to Mr. Browne their proposals. However, when they received a model of what became known as the “Browne Flag”, it was nothing like the original proposal. Nevertheless, Browne’s model was presented by the committee to the North Carolina Convention. After much discussion, the flag presented was adopted at the convention on June 22, 1861, resulting in the state flag. The North Carolina Regiments carried this flag along with the Confederate colors all through the Civil War. When the war was over, a bill was introduced by General Johnstone Jones to make changes to the flag, the bill was passed and adopted in March of 1865,the changes were made and the result is the flag as we see it today.

North Carolina Flag
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