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Asheville is a richly spiritual and metaphysical place, maybe because it’s surrounded by mountains enjoying heavenly views, and angelic cloud forms, or it could be the huge amount of quartz in the ground (more than a trillion tons!)…or maybe, as legend says, it’s the energy that the  Atlantian  and Lemurian  scientists implanted here after their civilization fell into the sea! Some 5,000 witches, along with Christianity‘s icon, Rev. Billy Graham, make this area  their home. The overwhelming majority of folks in the Asheville area were not born here, In fact long term natives seem a rarity!

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Tel:  828-254-6620




PO Box 17397
Asheville, NC 28816

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    Experience the magical, mystical spiritual energies of the great Smoky Mountains with shamanic practitioner
    and vortex expert Richard Wolfmoon. It is reported and research has confirmed that in the Western North Carolina area, there are a multitude of mountain vortices, waterfalls, caves, power spots and areas where ancient ceremonies gave birth to a special magic and energy. RavenWolf is a full service spiritual experience that offers a variety of vortex and counseling experiences:

    * Journeys into the special vortexes of the great Smoky Mountains. Choose from Half Day and Full Day excursions.

    * SpiritualCounselings with two experienced and dynamic psychics, Richard Wolfmoon and Christine Athena.
    * Magical metaphysical merchandise.

    Visit for more information. Call 612-741-8008

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